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I’ve had a website for 10 years but it never got me any traffic. It was just sitting there and was horrible to look at. When I got my first mock up version from Josh and his team, I was instantly in awe! From start to finish I’ve loved working with them and will continue to refer my friends and family.
Chuck Winkler
Thanks Josh, because of your services and helping us rank in the search engines, we will finally be–able to pursue some long time goals for our business.
Doug Miser, Federal Tax Resolution
I thought we had a lot of useful strategies with our business until I spoke with Josh at BrandingFM. The consult was crazy!!! I learned more in 1 hour than I have all year with just a few sneaky ninja tricks. :)
Gail Mayerhouse, Online Profits LLC.
BrandingFM and the team are the real deal! They’ve helped me achieve #1 rankings for the past 4 years. My business has grown immensely because of it. Thanks!
Jules, Jules Design Photography
“Working with BrandingFM has been great. Spoke to Joshua Johnson about marketing for my Dental Office. He was straight with me about everything, up front and not wasting time or money on what I wanted done. He helped me with my webpage design/development, Facebook advertising, and tech support. His input and services has helped shape the vision for my business, and has helped me learn how to implement my marketing skills online. Our page was outdated, hard to navigate, bland, and not reflective of our office staff capabilities until Joshua came along. I would highly recommend Joshua Johnson to everyone I know.

~ Richard C. Yee DDS”

Dr. Richard Yee, Carmichael Family Dentistry
“Josh’s consult was very informational. He obviously knows and is up to date with seo strategy. I would consider him an authority in the online marketing field. I appreciated the way he was open about explaining how it works and giving me his recommendations on how to start. I recommend his service to any company looking to build their online presence and see an increase in revenue as a result.”
Danny Addy, Addy Electric
“With BrandingFM, it’s not just about delivering a product; Josh has gone above and beyond to personally help us with building our business and our brand.”
Brad Miller, Slave Alchemy

Why Is BrandingFM A Solution For Online Marketing?

1. Relationship

Our core values are based off of strong ethical relationship. We believe in long term business, and long term clients.

2. Budget

No, we’re not the cheapest on the market, but for the quality of work we deliver, you literally can’t beat our groovy Island prices!!!

3. Strategy

We thrive on good market research. Understanding your market means everything to us. How could we expect your project to be successful without it?

4. Execution

Most all of our Website Designs and SEO programs work in 30 day cycles. When we start your project, we want our ‘quality‘ to be all over it from start to finish!!!

5. Guarantee

Your hard earned cash is a seed. We want to make sure that we water it well!!! We have a 100% guarantee satisfaction on all of our designs, and SEO programs.

Watch Your Business Grow And Dream Again!!!

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