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Get this man a drink! We’ve got a lot to say about who we are, where we come from, and what we do! While we won’t bore you with all of the details, it is important that we share with you our hope and vision for business owners on the internet.  It’s not easy stepping into the world of internet marketing, or knowing how to scale your online business if you’re already popular on the web. There’s so many choices, distractions, and too many options that dangle a carrot in our faces that wreak ‘rip off’!!! Website’s change, people are weird, search engines get smarter, and social media is a place where people share trending topics.

That’s where we come in to save the day! We are in the trenches of all of this internet marketing, website design, SEO, split testing, ad performance, UX, UI, CRM, and CMS, stuff. Okay, I’ll we’ll stop with the bore bore tech chatter.  Point is, all of this stuff is normal to us. We see it, breath it, and understand it everyday. It’s our business to understand and know how to apply a certain skill to a specific strategy for your online success. The bottom line is that we are here to make your business perform well.  It’s just simply what we do.

A Man Never Achieved Greatness Without A Bit Of Help!

People Helping People

When it comes to business, we like to know the goals of our clients.

High Tech - High Touch

In a digital world, there are too many services happening with not enough personal touch.

Simple Simple, Stupid

Forget about complexity, we like things simple. That way, your business can grow!


Understanding the ‘what’s happening?’ with your project or program makes all the difference in the world.

Leverage it, Baby!

We leverage your time! We are skilled, awesome, fun, and creative machines!

Working Smart

Working with our team is a enjoyable process, and if you’re patient, you’ll end up making a lot of money by leveraging our services and team talent. We’re smart, so why not use us for that?

The Right Company. The Right Move.

Kickstart your new website design or your SEO with us and grow your business. Refer a friend and get half off on any 30 day program or project. What? Yup! Find out more by contacting us today.

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Meet Your New Arsenal Of Marketing Tools

Joshua Cabe Johnson
Joshua Cabe JohnsonGuy Who Makes Things Happen
Josh spends his time researching, testing, tweaking, and deploying profitable campaigns on the internet. Using search engine optimization and conversion friendly web pages, Josh has been blessed to work from home with his family for the past 5 years.
In-bound SEO 100%
Front End Website Design 92%
B2B Systems & Strategy 90%
Digital Publishing 89%
Advertising 81%
Reputation Management 90%
Matt Hintze
Matt HintzeSmart Guy Everybody Goes To For Answers
Matt Hintze is in charge of back end technical support and operations. His experience in digital solutions and network administration are an invaluable asset to BrandingFM. Matt is seasoned in SEO strategy and technology advancements, marketing applications, hosting, ecommerce, web development, and SEO.

He and his wife Sarah live in Redding with their 3 children. Matt’s personal site: UX Opt is his SEO service site, with focus in on-page SEO and website architecture.

Technical SEO 100%
Digital Publishing 89%
Back End Website Development 89%
Social Media Marketing 89%
Jeribai Tascoe
Jeribai TascoeNationwide Guru of Style & Branding!
Being creative is a natural expression for Jeribai. As a designer Jeribai brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project he works on. He started computer aided drawing at the age of 14 and by 17 was proficiently using a computer and software to produce professional commercial artwork. He began studying architecture in his first year of college, but left school to start a graphic and web design business. The design business slowly grew and in-between jobs Jeribai…Read Jeribai’s full bio here.
Branding 100%
Logo and Identity 100%
Front End Web Design 97%
Back End Web Development 97%
ANNELISE PIERCEThe Smart, Grammatically Correct Lady!
Annelise’s unique, inspiring, and passionate voice captures the imagination of her readers while clearly conveying information. She was originally published at nine years old and went on to win her first national writing competition at age thirteen.

Today she develops book ideas and writes for blogs, websites, and individuals, helping to express individual voices while incorporating her skill with language to create powerful communication opportunities.

Annelise’s diverse background in international development, child therapy and nutrition are evidence of her love of learning, her adaptability and her curiosity about life. This curiosity translates to incredibly researched written work. Annelise blogs about family life with her three children at

Writing 100%
Sales Copy 92%
Research 90%
Jason Starr
Jason StarrBranding, Video, & Marketing Genius!
Jason has been in business for himself for over a decade. Working with various projects and small businesses and self taught in just about everything digital. The man has too much skill to note! The best thing is that he’s humble which is why I (Josh) am writing this bio for him. Having Jason as part of our team adds a tremendous value for the clients we help.
Branding 100%
Logo and Identity 100%
Film 97%
Marketing 97%

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