marketing and advertising consultations shouldn't be free, here's whyWe do a lot of consultations for small business owners. It’s in our heart to help people. We sit down with them, guide them with their online strategy, and so forth.

One thing leads to another and we find ourselves diving deep into their business model and triggering up all kinds of helpful information they can use for leverage against their competitors.

And I am not talking about basic keyword research. We’ll go all the into the pit of their market trends, demographics, habits, spending patterns, geographic hot points, and more. We’ll spend a solid 3 hours on this and then send them all of the information on a blue printed silver plate. It’s fun and exciting because we just blessed that business owner with something substantial to take with them and deploy into their marketing and advertising strategy.

But then it happens… THEY DO NOTHING!!!

The business owner over thinks things, and say’s, we’ll maybe I’ll do this instead, or, maybe the internet guru with the 2,000 dollar marketing e course is better. Or worse yet, they DON’T EVEN OPEN THEIR EMAIL!!!

Ahhhh, daniel sun, this is why we need to start charging $250 – $500 for our consults I say to the team… But then, it happens to us again and we are right back following our hearts and offering free services. Bahhhhh Humbug I sayeee! A man’s heart ‘can’ deceive him.

It’s okay though, as long as we are doing something we love to do. I guess I’m just ranting for the sake of expressing how weird and flawed we all are. 🙂