local.niche.competitionWhere’s Your Quality Traffic Going To Come From?

Sure, Your Website is Beautifully Designed, it’s got all of the UX in place, it’s performance is top notch and the SEO architecture is rock solid, but what now?

Remember, all business owners face this problem after they’ve finally jumped in with their feet wet and had their website designed. Hopefully, you knocked out on bottle with a fancy website that will convert well. But what about all of those other hurdles you need to consider?

Do Your Market Research!

Without knowing who your traffic is and where they come from, you’ll never start your online business correctly. You’ll be dead in the water with something people can reference from you business card or word of mouth but that’s it! No online traffic will come your way without knowing how you are going to target the right audience.

So here are two awesome tools to get you started:

Google Trends, a super savvy tool to find your niche market and where it’s coming from.

Google Keyword Planner – A tool that will show you excellent keyword ideas and it’s traffic.

Start with those two tools, dig in a bit, make sure you understand how to use them and you’ll already be way ahead of your market when you start your online marketing campaign.

If you need further help or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to help!